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Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies

I’m flying with a toddler tomorrow.

I’m willingly getting onto an airplane and “sitting” in a small, confined space with a 13-month-old tomorrow.

An energetic, hyperactive 13-month-old who does. not. stop. moving. until he physically crashes for 12 hours every night at 7pm.

Twice, in fact. Two flights in one day.

chocolate chip cookies

Side note: thank you, United States Marine Corps, for stationing us in a location that only affords a one-terminal airport with direct flights to exactly three locations in the world, none of which are my final destination. Yes, I’m secretly hating all of you who live close to an international airport right now. Life is not fair. This is proof. Moving on.


Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

pumpkin spice latte

Hello, my name is Nikki, and I’m a pumpkin addict.

You probably think I’ve gone off the deep end. I mean, this is only the third recipe I’ve shared with you since being back and two of the three have admittedly involved pumpkin. I realize that’s a little obsessive, even for me. You’re probably thinking “sheesh, Nikki, I like pumpkin and all, but isn’t there more to fall?”

Sure, I could be baking with apples. Or cranberries. or even acorn squash. And I will. I promise I will.

But not today.

Because today I’m still in pumpkin love.


Cranberry-Pear Crisp


My son is a born organizer.

He spends hours every day putting things into little bins and boxes. He organizes his blocks. His balls. His dad’s office supplies. And my kitchen utensils.

But mostly my kitchen utensils.


While I’m all about teaching organizational skills at a young age, his idea of “organized” is a far cry from mine.

Organized to a one-year-old means that all of the balls are in the drawer under the oven, blocks and assorted canned goods are clearly stored together under the bathroom sink, and all of the lids to the plastic storage containers are in the toy box in the den.



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