January 2012 archive

Double-Chocolate Brownies

January is the month of simplicity. The month we embrace normalcy. The month we get back to basics.  The month when all of the holiday craziness is finally over and we allow ourselves to just “be” again.

Schedules go back to normal. Green vegetables are reinstated as a regular part of meals. Road trips come to an end. We work 9 to 5 and come home for dinner at 6 every night.


Gingerbread Bells

Sometimes I just want to make a simple batch of chocolate chip cookies and call it a day. No fuss. No decorating. Minimal measuring. A recipe I could recite in my sleep.

This is not one of those times.

Christmas cookies are the Major Leagues of the cookie world. The one time of year when the goal is maximum wow factor. In other words, bring your A-game, people.

If you want a cookie that impresses, this is it. They’re everything a Christmas cookie should be. And I promise they taste as good as they look. Trust me, Santa will be impressed. Oh, and so will the other ladies at the company Christmas party. Not that you’re looking to impress anyone, of course…


Neapolitan Cookies

Twinkle lights. Gingerbread. Holly wreaths. Mistletoe. Icebox cookies. All Christmas staples.

I absolutely love icebox cookies. They’re delicious. They’re festive. And you can make them waaaaaay ahead of time and freeze them. Pull the dough out of the freezer, slice, bake, and ta da! Instant sweet gratification.

These are my favorite icebox cookies. One look at the ingredient list and you’ll be hooked. Cranberries, walnuts, cocoa powder, espresso beans, orange zest…what’s not to love?

My favorite thing about these cookies is that they’re perfectly shareable. Like oreos, only better. Hubby gets the chocolate-espresso half, and I get the orange-sable half. I suppose you could eat them together as designed, but what fun is that?


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