Cupcake Pops

I’m obsessed with all things cute.

And there is no more obvious way to magnify the cuteness factor of an object than to make it miniature.

And shaped like a cupcake.

And covered in sprinkles.

And on a lollipop stick.

These adorable little cupcake pops are miniature, cupcake-shaped, covered in sprinkles, and on a lollipop stick. So on the cuteness scale, they’re right up there with Knut the polar bear and the surprised kitty video. Oh, and these adorable newborn clouded leopard cubs.

Cuteness to the max.

I’m practically giggling and squealing with childish delight right now.

And my husband is rolling his eyes. Don’t mind him. Cuteness exasperates him.

And then there’s his trademark “could you be any more over-the-top-cutesy?” remark. That’s how I know these are cute.

Just look at them. They’re almost too cute to eat.

I did say almost.

Cupcake Pops
Courtesy of Bakerella
Check out her website–she’s amazing!

Active time: 3 hours
Start to finish: 6 hours
Makes about 50 pops

1 13×9″ baked cake (from a box cake mix or from scratch … any flavor. I used chocolate fudge)
1 can frosting (or about 2 cups equivalent homemade. I used chocolate fudge…see a pattern developing here?)
1 flower-shaped cookie cutter (1.25″ wide X .75″ tall)
1 package chocolate candy melts (I found mine at Michaels)
1 package pink candy melts or white chocolate bark
Bowls for dipping
Wax paper
Aluminum foil
Lollipop sticks
Sprinkles, m&ms, or something similar for top of cupcakes
Small plastic treat bags and ribbon to package the cupcake pops
Styrofoam block

For additional directions, check out Bakerella

Bake a cake from a mix or from scratch and cool completely. Crumble cake into a fine consistency into a large bowl. If the texture is too coarse, you can run it through a food processor.

Add can of frosting or homemade frosting and blend together using the back of a large spoon. Blend thoroughly.

Roll mixture into 1.25″ – 1.5″ size balls and lay on wax paper-covered cookie sheet. You may want to periodically rinse and dry your hands off in between.

Cover with aluminum foil or plastic wrap and chill in refrigerator for several hours. You can speed this up by placing in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

Remove. Begin to shape into cupcakes using a small flower-shaped cookie cutter. Take the chilled ball and roll it into more of an oval and then slide into cookie cutter. Push it into cutter until about half fills the cutter and the rest sticks out of the top in the shape of a mound. Then push the shaped cupcake carefully out of the cookie cutter from the bottom. Set right side up on a wax paper covered cookie sheet. Continue with remaining balls.

Once shaped, cover and return to freezer (5-10 minutes). You can leave them covered in the refrigerator overnight if you want to do the dipping on the following day.

While cupcake shapes are chilling, begin to heat up your chocolate bark. Brown chocolate bark for the bottoms. Pink or white chocolate for the tops. Follow the instructions on the package for melting. Most recommend heating for 30 second intervals at a time and stirring in between. You can also do the double boiler method.

When you are ready to dip, remove cupcake shapes from freezer and set up another wax paper-covered cookie sheet.

Take the cupcake-shaped cakes and dip bottoms into the melted chocolate – just to the point where the mounded shape starts. Remove from chocolate, turn upside down and wiggle so that the excess starts to slide down slightly. Then lay on the wax paper upside down. If you want them to be lollipops, then go ahead and insert the lollipop sticks while the chocolate is still wet.  Dip end of your lollipop stick in the melted chocolate before inserting into chocolate bottoms. Continue with rest of the cupcakes.

DON’T – get water in the chocolate. Make sure your hands are completely dry. Water will cause the chocolate to separate and mess up all your hard work.

ALSO DON’T – let kitty eat your cupcake pops. For obvious reasons.

Dry completely (15-20 minutes).

Once dry, dip the tops of the cupcakes in the pink or white chocolate. You may need to move it around a little to cover all the exposed areas.

TIP: Let the pink chocolate sit for a few minutes after heating to thicken. This will help it from dripping down the sides of the cupcake.

Remove from the pink/white chocolate and turn right side up. You may need to hold and rotate it if there is any excess so that it doesn’t drip down too far.

TIP: You can use a toothpick to help cover any areas the melted chocolate didn’t cover.

Continue holding and place an m&m on the top and add sprinkles. Let them dry in a styrofoam block that you have already poked holes into.

When completely dry, cover the lollipops with small plastic treat bags and tie with a ribbon.

You can store these in an airtight container and they will last for several days. You can also store in the refrigerator if you would like them cold.

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  1. Blommie O'Weeks
    April 8, 2011 at 4:55 pm (7 years ago)

    Looks delightful! Send me two dozen. Love, Mom in freezing, cold, cloudy Wisconsin


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